3 V 3

category: Games

Basketball 3 v 3 Games Split the class into groups of 6. With 3 defenders and 3 attackers. One team starts with the ball and is attacking the basket,...

3 Vs 3 With Defence

category: Screening

Basketball 3 vs 3 with defence Screening Players join with another group of 3. One group plays passive defence to start off with. As the attacking te...

2V1 To 3V2

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 2v1 to 3v2 3 v 2 2 players will attack 1 defender. After a shot has been taken all 3 players become offence and 2 defenders will run in to...

3 Man Weave Turn 3 V 2

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 3 Man weave turn 3 v 2 3 v 2 The 3 attacking players move up the court, playing an unopposed 3 man weave all the way to the half court lin...

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