2V1 To 3V2

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 2v1 to 3v2 3 v 2 2 players will attack 1 defender. After a shot has been taken all 3 players become offence and 2 defenders will run in to...

3 On 2 Grid Passing Drill

category: Passing

Basketball 3 on 2 Grid Passing Drill Passing Players play a 3 on 2 passing game within the grid area.

3 Man Weave Turn 3 V 2

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 3 Man weave turn 3 v 2 3 v 2 The 3 attacking players move up the court, playing an unopposed 3 man weave all the way to the half court lin...

3V2 Followed By 2V1 - Up And Down Game

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 3v2 followed by 2v1 - Up and Down Game 3 v 2 To start 3 players attack the 2 defending players on the other side of the court. When the de...

3 Man Weave - Turn Layup

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 3 Man Weave - Turn layup 3 v 2 Play out a 3 man weave to the half court line. Turn and play the 3 man weave back towards the basket. When ...

3 Man Motion Drill (Contd.)

category: 2-v-2

Basketball 3 Man Motion Drill (contd.) 2 v 2 Blue passes to White Player 1 & screens away from the Red Player The red player cuts to the ball, whilst...

Web Videos

3-on-2 full court drill - drill 13

Check out this competitive basketball drill submitted by Dave Witzig, Normal Community HS, that will help your team prepare for game-like transition s...

Community Drills

Conditioned and Competitive game

3 on 2:Competitive attacking drill splitting two teams by different coloured bibs, making the emphasis on the attack. No contact at first.

11 Man continuous

Line up in these positions. Then start off 3 on 2 on one end until the offense scores, shoots 2 times or the defense rebounds. Whoever has...

3 on 2 transition Drill

Ball is outlet to one side or another, go to the hoop if defender comes out pass to opposite side for a lay-in or back-out to trailing Guard. If pass ...