2 Balls - Catch And Pass

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball 2 Balls - Catch and Pass Advanced Ball Handling Players stand 10 feet apart. ... The player must control the basketball with the hand the ...

Shoot Under Pressure

category: Shooting

Basketball Shoot under pressure Shooting Player 1 passes the ball inside the key to player 2 and follows their pass. Before they enter they key playe...

Squats Thrusts.

category: Fitness

Basketball Squats thrusts. ... a race, shoot the feet back into a press up position and return to the start. ... 1 Leg Jumps ... 2 Lengths of the Cou...

3 Point Shooting

category: Training-at-Home

Basketball 3 Point Shooting Training at Home It is pretty difficult being a 3 point specialist if you are not ... 2 Balls - Catch and Pass Progressio...