Standing Triple Jump

category: Triple-Jump

Athletics Standing Triple Jump Triple Jump The standing triple jump drill requires vigorous flat take offs from legs, strong swing of arms followed b...

Stride Pattern

category: Triple-Jump

Athletics Stride Pattern Triple Jump The rhythm of the stride pattern is medium long short. This action lowers the centre of gravity and tilts the bo...


category: Jumps

Athletics Bounding Jumps Plyometric bounding develops eccentric leg ... Standing Triple Jump Drill Thumbnail ... 2 Footed Standing Jump Drill Thumbna...


category: Jumps

Athletics Hopping Jumps Hopping alternately on both legs further develops eccentric leg strength and foot placement. ... Standing Triple Jump Drill ...

Common Faults

category: Common-Faults

Athletics Common Faults Common Faults -This performer Sprints in a seated position and demonstrates a pattering type of stride pattern and associated...

2 Stride Run Up

category: High-Jump

Athletics 2 Stride Run Up High Jump Short approach run to take off.