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I'm 19 years old in Canada and have started a new rugby team?

I'm 19 years old in Canada and have started a new team. All the students that have signed up are new to the game and are about 14/15.. Any tips on how to introduce rugby to them?

whats your problem?

its a very Comprehensive question!!!!!!!!!1

the problem is that the students do not understand the game at all.. Where should i start on actually explaining the game to them. From explaining the rules to them or from jumping right into it.

My idea was:

Starting a large touch game where they are able to do anything( run backwards, pass over hand and etc ), the basic objective is to score.. Then add rules that simulate the game. As in add a rule where they can only pass backwards.. then add another rule in saying, you can only pass backwards, but you are able to move 3 steps after catching it and then so one and so on until the game in actually constructed. 

Then making the students reflect on their experiences.. As in what did u notice?

"When you held the ball to long people surrounded you quicker" then make them figure it out that you need to move the ball to open space. 

that was my idea.. i dont know if anyone else has done this before and has anything other methods of teaching kids rugby. 

Andrew i would start with a game of touch, only passing backwards no forward passes. then once they get used to that add the once you get touched you must go to ground and someone must go over the top of him (aka clearing out) then someone can pick the ball up and play on. Defenders must stand on the side of the tackled player, then next time have the touched player turn around and present the ball (aka a maul) and a player must take it from the hands, the player who is touched can either stop or keep moving but he must get rid of it by the count of 3 or 5. then once they have worked all this out you can add a whistle and when  touched and they hear the whistle you go to ground if no whistle then turn and present the ball. then you can add a ripper for the maul and two people going over etc etc until you develop them into doing some contact.  What i would do and have done with my USA/Canadian friends when they joined out team. 

I'm in a very similar situation in Cape Verde.  I've started a team here and it's OVERWHELMING to try and teach an entire group when NO ONE has any kind of base.  I started with more like a 7's or 10's style rugby and it's going pretty well.  I agree that you should NOT allow them to pass forwards ever, you don't want to create that bad habit.  Start with 3 person scrums when you get into that.  Mauling seems to be easier for them to understand than rucking for whatever reason as well.  We just had our first game and somehow it actually kind of looked like rugby, although I still am not quite sure what I'm doing :-)  Not sure if that was helpful but if you have more specific questions I may be able to help :-)

Both of you guys have really gave me some ideas. This is great honestly! thank you so much. 

Its been making me lose sleep already! haha im too young for this, but i am very excited for our first practise.

once again, thank you so much, i truly do appreciate it!  

Andrew and Mareika

It sounds as if you both have the enthusiasm to help these beginners learn to play and enjoy rugby!

It might help you if you look at the "6 Stages of Rugby" that is on a tab above. I wrote the stages for exactly this situation where a coach has to start from scratch.

I hope it helps you


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