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Hi there,I am going to be running a soccer (football)?

Hi there, I am going to be running a soccer (football) program at a preschool this Friday for 3-5 year olds. I would like to start teaching them drills. Whick drills are most appropriate for this age group? I also want to make it a lot of fun!

Thanks! Victoria :)

Hello Victoria, when coaching young players I think simplicity is key. You should work on very basic skills in a simple way - try passing in pairs or taking it in turns to have shots on goal from close range. I've attached a fun drill which I'm sure your players will enjoy as it's been designed for young children and works on defensive principles for closing down and getting the ball.

Farmers and Foxes

Video / Animation
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The foxes (players) put bibs into the back of their shorts. The farmer (coach) runs around the area attempting to pull the bibs out. When a players bib is pulled out, he becomes a farmer too. Play until 1 fox is left. The players must remain within the confines of the area throughout the activity. Any player running outside the area, automatically becomes a farmer.

Coaching Points:

Change speed and direction to avoid the farmer. Don't stand still. Keep moving. Get ready to run.

Watch out for other farmers.

In my experience no drills and technical practice is necessary with that age group, it's all about simple, fun, dribbling games with one ball per child. The sessions should engage in the chidren's imagination at their level. In other words, coaches need to adapt to the children, not the children adapting to the game of football (at that age).

I find that headig drills are very fun for youn children that have never played the game. Hold the ball in your hand and encurage the children to use their head to knock it off of your hand. This helps them to be more comfortabel around the ball. For more advanced versions gently toss the ball up in the air and encuorage them to hit it into the goal. hope this is help full.

hallo from Spain. Great opportunity for you to start teaching football from the very beginning. At these ages a player-child has his only point of view, he is he and the ball, and you have to start practicing basic technical drills to keep in deep contact with the ball, but the player must not realize about it, so I suggest chasing games and not many tactical proposals (nothing, better). If you send me your mail I can send you some exercises. Greetings. Roberto Ramos. [email removed to avoid spam]

Hello Victoria, the way I start young kids off at this age is by playing Fun Fours where the pitch size is reduced and it is 4 v's 4 aside giving more time for every player with the ball, give every player a chance in every position ie Keeper, Left-mid, Right-mid, Stiker by rotating them every 5 mins, never let a player tell you where they play, you decide by watching them during training, and it's good for every player to feel what it's like to play in every position.I do this up to the age of 14 year olds.Passing to and fro to eack other or off a wall using both feet is recommended too, this encourages them to use their weaker foot and in some of my Youth Squad now whom I have coached for 12 years are equally skillfull with both feet and remember me giving them this as homework to go home and practice till the next training setion, good luck, Davie. Inverness. Scotland.

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