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Players 1 and 2 stand opposite each other, close to the net, working in the half court service boxes.

Players take it in turns to start the point by holding the ball on top of the net and then release it, letting it fall to whichever side it chooses.

The ball can bounce once or be volleyed. The tram-lines are out and no topspin or pace must be used by either player.

Players play first to 21 points.

Coaching points

Although this is a 'game' players are developing hand skills and racket-head control in the process.

They should be encouraged to work out how to construct the point using angles, dropshots and lobs without the need for pace.

Players should be as intense with their movement in this game as when working in the fullcourt.

If done properly this drill can benefit players physically as the point can become quite long and a lot of lunging and balance work is required.

If there are more players in the practice, the drill can be done with 2 further players working in the adjoining service boxes.

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