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Play 4 v 2 keep-away. Attackers are stationed in the corners of the grid. One ball per group. Repeat in another area for a total of 12 players.

Attacker 1 starts with the ball. The object is to pass the ball around the outside and middle of the square, playing keep-away from the two defenders.

Players score 1 point for a pass around the defenders and 2 points for a penetrating pass that splits the defenders. How many passes can be made before defenders force the ball out 3 times or score 1 goal?

Repeat and rotate.

Coaching points

  • Quality of the first touch to create a new angle for safe passes.
  • If the defender is not nearer to the passer than the receiver when the ball is played then the ball has been released too soon.
  • Know the moment of transition and react--from attack to defense.


1. Defenders progress from walking through the activity to passive resistance to active resistance.

2. If defenders win the ball, they then try to score on either goal--the attackers try to get back to defend the goal but cannot use hands to stop a goal. If the defenders score, they should change places with 2 of the attacking players.

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