Soccer Drill Demonstration


A Competitive game between 3-4 teams.

Each team takes it in turns to run out to the box and tries to pass the ball 5 times around the box which is defended by one player.

After the 5 passes they can advance into the box and try to get past the second defender and score.

* Every 5 successfully completed passes count as a point.

* A Goal counts as another point.

Coaching points

You can choose on whether the lone defender inside the box is allowed to roam (as in the animation) or must stay inside a smaller box inside the larger grid.

Each team must keep their own score - see who the winner is at the end of the session!

* Space - Triangle method of passing

* Move to provide 2 supporting players

* Good angle to receive the ball

* Pass with the foot on the side of the receiving player.

* Timing is important for the receiver to be in position to receive.

* Timing is important for the passer to pass in the right moment.

* Support on both sides

Drill tags: possession, shooting, triangle passing

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