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Goalkeeper Footwork Drills Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Footwork Drills

The best keepers in the world use their feet to make saves and to always be in the right position. Their agility and bounce comes from the timing and accuracy of their footwork. Work your keepers with this session.

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  • Mark out a square with 4 cones 8yds by 8yds.
  • Goalkeeper starts in the hoop. Then works round cones on the outside.
  • Each time recieves a shot after they have stepped in the hoop with the nearest foot.


  • Use cones to make a smaller square if you do not have a hoop


Coaching points

  • Look up at all times and face the servers at all time.
  • Speed of footwork.Length of steps- Cover the ground in most efficient way possible



  • Vary the service.
  • Get goalkeeper into dive.
  • Do more sets if working on fitness.
  • Put drill into full sized goal and have a shot at the end.

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