Developing your Key Decision Makers (KDMs)

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Your Key Decision Makers are the players who can take the bull by the horns and charge with confidence up the field.

To help you identify which players in your team are cool under pressure in the attack this session sets up simple 2v1 and 3v2 practices to help you pick out the players who make the right decisions and contribute to your team's performance.

Bull by the horns

To get your players taking the bull by the horns, using fast feet and dummies to evade the defenders this session starts with a simple skills warm up before launching into a series of fun and fast-paced attacking overload practices.

Use this session with your team and find out who your Key Decision Makers are today!

Additional Session Notes:

This session can be used to give you a good idea as to which players can cope with high pressure situations when placed in specific positions, such as 10,12,15 for example.

Session Ratings: 9 ratings with 3 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
Developing your Key Decision Makers (KDMs)
Alasdair MacDonald
Ireland Alasdair MacDonald
Too many Drills, not enough game work to keep interest going. I would use some of the components individually in other sessions but not all together like this.
Developing your Key Decision Makers (KDMs)
Chris Johnes
Wales Chris Johnes
made them think
Developing your Key Decision Makers (KDMs)
Markus Moelders
Ireland Markus Moelders
Good and easy to set up.

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