Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following......

  1. Players should make 10 passes each between the 5 meter and the touch line.
  2. When they have done that, number 2 will move out 5 meters.
  3. The players do the same for 10 passes, and then move out another 5 meters.
  4. They keep going, lets see which group of 2 will be able to pass over the longest distance.

Coaching points

  • Make sure your players are having fun, encourage them to work outside their comfort zone.
  • Encourage players not to over-think, or to force the pass.
  • Close passes should not spin, as the distance of the pass increases use the spin pass.
  • Communication should be encouraging and receivers hands should be out.
  • As the need to a longer pass develops the passer should draw the pass further back, use the lower arms and wrists to generate more power, provide a greater draw across the ball with the hand creating the spin, release the ball at the right time (not too early or they will lose power, and not too late as they will lose both power and accuracy), they also need to follow through the pass,

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