Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following.....

  1. The attackers will start at the base of the grid and attack the first box.
  2. The 2 defenders in that box, should defend within their box only.
  3. The attack should keep going, entering the second box, and beat the 2 defenders in that box.
  4. The attack will then turn and make their way down the grid, and repeat - until stopped by the coach.

Coaching points

  • Keep the pace high.
  • Communication at the heart of defence and attack.
  • Decisions need to be made quickly in both defence and attack, encourage a culture of decision making, but ask why a decision was made without being critical.
  • Work together with your players to explore options and to experiment.
  • Attackers use a range of tactics to beat the defence including: quick hands, fixing defenders, switch etc.

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