Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Repetitive drill aimed at improving the clear out of a defender at the ruck
  • Players are split into groups of three, two attackers and a defender. The defender wears a padded bib/vest
  • The ball carrying attacker moves towards the defender who makes a passive tackle causing the attacker to go to ground and present the ball as if in a ruck in a match
  • The defender then attempts to ruck over and jackal the ball
  • The second attacker then comes in and attempts to clear out the defender.

Coaching points

  • First attacker's back should be to the defender when on the floor and should present the ball with arms out stretched
  • The defender should get in a strong low position to jackal - wide base
  • The second attacker should tackle the defender low, by wrapping arms round the knees and driving them upwards away from the attacker on the ground.

Drill tags: clear out, ruck

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