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This is the third exercise in a series of three that can be put together to form a contact conditioning circuit. The circuit can be sets of 30 seconds of hard work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Swap in this circuit for your usual fitness routine to give the players something a bit more interesting and transferable to a game. 

Alternatively, this would be a great exercise to include as part of a warm up.

  • Players work in pairs, one player holds a tackle bag behind a tackle sausage.
  • The other player makes a low tackle on the sausage and then drives through, clearing out the player holding the tackle bag.
  • This player then goes to ground and gets back up to complete another repetition in the other direction.
  • It is the job of the player holding the tackle bag to lift up the tackle sausage after each repetition.

This drill will increase players overall fitness levels while being very relevant to game situations. 

0.21 - Why is this important for players?

Coaching points

  • Players should have a low approach and then drive high through the tackle
  • Coach your players to keep their heads up and pump their legs through the tackle. 
  • Encourage players to work hard and to try and maintain the same intensity throughout the 30 seconds of work.

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