Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Ball 
  • Groups of 3+ 


  • 2 attackers line up opposite a defender.
  • The defender makes a low leg tackle on the atttacker. 
  • The attacker being tackled tries to get arms free and perfom an offload to the supporting runner.

Coaching points

  • The attacker must use footwork, and the fend to manipulate the defender. 
  • Attacker must try get his arsm free (2 hands on ball)
  • The attacker must have a line of sight with the support runner (question mark shape movemnt) 
  • the support runne rmust use lots of accurate communication to help the 1st attacker. 
  • The supporter must time his run (Tempo Running) to make the offload as easy as possible.
  • Hold depth.

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