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This drill is designed to work on the loop; one of the simplest and most effective ways to create your own overlap/space out wide. 

  • Start with three attackers and three defenders using tackle bags in front of them.

  • Attacker 1 passes to attacker 2 and begins to loop around.

  • Player 1 should then receive the ball back and his next aim is to fix the third defender.

  • Attacker three should make his way out to the edge where the space has been created.

  • Attacker 1 then passes to attacker 3 who has space to get around the defence.

Using this drill will help your players handling under pressure, vision and ability to create space.


Coaching points

  • Running straight is extremely important to engage and fix the defenders so that they cannot simply drift to cover the space out wide.

  • The middle player should pass to the looping player in the direction that he is looping from (see diagram and 0.25 of video for why).

  • Players should play with there eyes up, just because you have planned a move doesn't mean you should always go through with it. Space might open up elsewhere.


  • Have another defender in front of where the third attacker will run through to simulate where the opposition fullback might be and to coach the other attackers that they should always follow a player who makes a line break
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