Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 4 
  • Balls 
  • Tackle bags/sausages 
  • Cones. 

3 players line up opposite 3 bags laid on the floor, or sausages stood up. 

The 4th attacker will pass the ball to the first receiver, who will then complete passes down the attacking line, before the attacker reaches the bag on the floor. 

Coaching points


  • Hands up ealry. 
  • Catch ball as ealry as possible. 
  • Use outside hand to reach for ball. 
  • Step on outside leg to catch the ball. (make the next step easy to pass in one movement off outside leg)


  • Head through - eyes on target. 
  • 10 points of contact on the ball. 
  • Pass off outside leg
  • Hands pointing at target.
  • Spin pass is not neccesary. 
  • Stay square. 
  • Try not to drift - square up attack bag infront of you. 


Focus on whole drill is speed of transfer of ball and accuracy.

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