Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Highlights the importance of attacking from depth and letting the ball do the work in attack.
  • Team of four attackers versus three defenders.
  • The teams line up opposite each other face to face.
  • On the shout of GO, each team retreats a few yards and the ball is passed to the nearest attacking player.
  • The attackers then quickly pass the ball along to the next teammate in the line as they step up.
  • The defenders try to get close down the attackers.

Coaching points

  • Run backwards quickly at the start to create depth as the attacking team.
  • Each attacking player should draw the attention of their opposite man and release the pass just before the defender comes to tackle.
  • Doing this takes the defender out.
  • Although it's important to pass quickly, the height of pass is important, as the attackers need to ensure the pass is at a good height for the next player to be able to pass the ball on quickly and effectively.

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