Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Bags
  • Balls 

2 attackers line up opposite 2 defenders with bosh bags. 

The coach delivers a ball into the attackers. 

The ball carrier aims to run an overs line - Outsid ehsoulder of first defdner, and attack the second defender.

The second attacker looks to leach on/latch on to the ball carrier pushing them through the contact area. 

Looking for a quick exstra few yards. 


Coaching points

  • Overline is essential, running at space and outside shoudlers means ou will ride the tackle more and more likely to burst through to the seocnd defender. 
  • Running at shoulder aims to try get as many defenders off their feet and enaged as posisble.
  • Latch looks to hit low and drive the player through the cotnact area then protect the ball when the player goes to ground. 

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