Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players line up and approach the pole which the coach is now moving side to side.

Once the player gets reasonably close, drop the pole to one side, the player must then react and sidestep in the other direction, working away from the defender.

Using shorter strides when they get close, they step to one side with the POWER STRIDE, and off that leg they change direction in the other direction, anything from 30-90 degree angle changes is sufficient.

Coaching points

If possible stand behind the pole so that you can see the technique in full. Basically you want to ensure players are running at the pole from a distance away, then slow down as they approach to step, short feet and then BANG off the stepping leg.

Look for good weight distribution, movement of the ball in both hands, not tucked.

No player should be looking towards the ground or his feet, instead they should hold their head up and engage with the defender.

Drill tags: agility, evasion, power stride, speed

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