Hockey 9s

The fast-paced, high-scoring Field Hockey variant!

Written by Josh Bryce, Hockey Coach

Published by Sportplan Ltd.

What is Hockey 9s?

    • Fast-paced, high scoring, ultra attacking variation of Field Hockey
      • 9 a side game
      • 15 minute halves
      • Larger goals (if available)
      • One player in attacking half at all times
      • Altered Long & Penalty Corners
      • Penalty Shuffles not Strokes

60 seconds of Action!!

General Rules

    • 9 players
      • One player must always be in the offensive half
        • Green card at next stoppage when a team fails to do this, with the offending team nominating a player
    • 15 minute halves, with 5 minutes for half time
    • Goals are 1 metre wider than standard goals

General Rules

    • Pushback replaced with competitive bully on halfway
      • Halves start with an on-side bully (players stand in own half)
      • Game restarts with an off-side bully (players can stand anywhere)
    • Foot and Stick challenge rules are more relaxed than standard
      • Promoting a smooth flowing game
    • A Penalty Shuffle is awarded in place of a Penalty Stroke

Penalty Corner

    • Play 4 Forwards vs 3 Defenders
      • i.e usually 2 Defenders and 1 Goalkeeper
    • One player injects ball from either of the 10 metre baseline markers
      • The 3 remaining Forwards involved behind the 23 metre line
    • Defenders line up behind the baseline, between the 5 metre markers
    • All other players from both teams must be behind the half way line

Penalty Corner

    • 25 seconds are allowed to set up the Penalty Corner
      • If the defending team prevents play in this time, a defender is sent to the halfway line
      • If the attacking team prevents play in this time, a 16 yard hit out is awarded
    • The injection must cross the 23 metre line before a strike on goal can take place
    • The first strike on goal can be played above the backboard
      • i.e. the game is live once the ball has passed the 23 metre line

Penalty Corner 1

  • Attacking Set Up

Penalty Corner 2

  • Defensive Set Up

Penalty Corner 3

  • First shot over the backboard

Long Corner

    • 5 Forwards play 5 Defenders
      • usually 4 Defenders and 1 Goalkeeper
    • One forward plays the ball from the usual 5 metre long corner marking
      • The 4 remaining forwards must be behind the 23 metre line
    • Defenders line up anywhere along the baseline within the D markings
    • All other players from both teams must be behind the half way line
    • There is no time limit for a long corner

Long Corner 1

  • Long from the right hand side

Long Corner 2

  • Long Corner from the left hand side

Penalty Shuffles/Strokes

    • During the game, a penalty shuffle will be awarded instead of a penalty stroke
      • Deemed a more exciting variation
    • On the blow of the whistle, the forward has 8 seconds to score
      • Failure to score will result in a 16 yard hit out
    • The only time penalty strokes are required is in the final of a Cup game
      • Usual best of 5 stroke format applies, with sudden death rules if necessary

Penalty Shuffle 1

  • In game penalty shuffle


    • Have a go at this fast-paced, high goal scoring game
      • Still great fun even without the larger goals
    • A perfect variant for:
      • an alternate to the standard Summer League
      • a different approach to Pre-Season
      • New End of Season Tournament