Hockey Drill Demonstration


- Set up a small area, with 2 forwards and 2 defenders
- The forward players should dribble towards the weaker side (the left foot) of the defender
- The defender should perform a low, reverse stick challenge

Coaching points

- This is a defending drill, and therefore the forwards should be playing quite passively
- Defenders should be in playing position (left foot forward, using their body to manipulate the attackers direction)
- As the forward moves to the weak side, the defender should pivot off their right foot, and move the stick across the left
- This type of challenge should be used when necessary, and shouldn't been seen as a replacement for moving the body around and tackling on the strong side



- The forwards can become active, allowing them to move towards both feet. This will stop the defending setting themselves
- The forwards should move at a faster pace, so the defender understands the force required to dispossess a sprinting player

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