Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation.

A stands upright, holding a Wide position, in front of B.

B stands upright in front of A. B thereafter squats low to place their head between the legs of A.

Grip. B grips the ankles of A with a forward overgrasp grip.

Works when gymnast A stands directly in front of B, and holds a tense Wide body shape. Gymnast B squats low to place their head between the legs of A,keeps their back as straight as possible,grasps the ankles of A and squat lifts A onto their shoulders. To become a Mobile Counter Balance and then Exit the action. Gymnast B changes position to create a Lunge Base. Changes hand grip, to now push down behind the ankles of A. (A has to maintain straight,tense legs). The shoulders of gymnast B now become the Fulcrum of the counter balance and lower. Gymnast A keeps the tense body line as they are lowered into the Horizontal counter balance. As the lowering continues Gymnast A reaches for the floor and into a Handstand position, as an exit to the move.

The Drill is often used with

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