Football Drill Demonstration


4 players, 1 ball.

The blue player starts with the ball and plays a one-two pass with their partner. When they have received the ball again they should play a lofted pass to the furthest player from them (the other blue player) and then rotate with their partner so that the blue player is now on the inside and the red player is on the outside.

Meanwhile at the other end of the drill the receiving player should have controlled the lofted pass, played a one-two with their partner and then played a strong lofted ball back to the furthest player on the other side.

Both players should then swap places.

Coaching points

Awareness is key here and all players should be watching the ball in case the lofted pass is inaccurate and could hit them.

Players on the inside of the drill to begin with can take a step to the left or the right of the ball's trajectory to make the lofted pass aspect of the drill easier for the kicker.

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Drill tags: control, lofted, passing, pre-match, warm up

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