Football Drill Demonstration


Set up as shown with cones evenly spaced out.

The distance between the cones can be modified depending on your players abilities.

Player(s) dribbles through the cones diagonally performing toe taps backwards to get through the cones and then pushing the ball back between the cones with the exterior of their feet.

Players should aim to not touch the cones, neither with the ball nor their feet.

Coaching points

Touches on the ball should be with the sole of the feet as the player moves their body accordingly and then a firm forward push with the exterior of the feet.

Player(s) should concentrate on moving their feet accordingly to get themselves through the area. Taking quick side steps as required and remaining on their toes after each touch.

Players should turn and repeat the movement working on the other side.

Quick small touches should be taken when moving diagionally and a big touch should be taken when pushing the ball out with the exterior of the feet.

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