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Set up a 10 x 10 area fish tank (any shape you see fit - diamond, square, circle, etc) and set up small goals on the outside.

Have 4 players on the outside of the fish tank with a ball each.

1 player in the middle without a ball.

The players (fishes) on the outside try to go across the tank without the player in the middle (shark) taking their ball. If the player in the middle takes the ball he/she tries to play it outside the area into one of the goals.

Coaching points

Work on the basics of defending with the player in the middle.

Get him/her to choose which player to try to defend against and then work to isolate this player.

Get sideways on and show away from escape routes.

Keep a low centre of gravity and move on mainly the toes, keeping heels of the ground so reacting to turns and changes of pace becomes easier.

On winning the ball look to play quickly into the goals by playing the way your facing, or quickly turning out to play into another goal. Do not give opportunity for the attacker to win their ball back.

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