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Just a variation on normal hitting lines.  This is often used as part of a team's on-court warmups before matches, but is good in practice because of the higher number of reps.

Hitters split between OH, RS, and MB

2 passers and 1 setter

Coach alternates tosses over the net to passers

Passers strive for "3" passes to setter 

Setter alternates sets between three hitting lines and hitters hit

Coach tosses next ball as soon as setter sets previous ball

Coaching points

This is a good drill because it generates a lot of repetitions and covers a number of skills.

Passers need to focus on good footwork and platform management to result in "3" passes (setter has 3 options)

Setters can work on any set to any position and should be encouraged to work on variety of sets.  Timing between setter and hitters is increased.

Hitters need to work on great footwork with good, aggressive approaches and swings.  Hitters should vary attacks between line and angle.  Hitters should work on keeping ball off tape with aggressive swings to push themselves to their physical and technical edges

A wide variety of tweaks and focuses can be used in this drill - specific sets, specific tempo of sets, specific targets for attacks (4/5 seam, stay out of 6, etc.), coach can move passers around on toss, etc.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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