Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Two groups: diggers and shaggers / handers.

Coaches hit off of boxes to diggers on each side.  Coaches will first hit line, then hit cross.  Diggers will dig to target.  After a predertimined time or number of attempts, groups will switch.

Coaching points

Diggers will face hitter and use platform to get ball to target.  Players will be mindful of the 4 passing keys - face hitter in posture, angle platform to target, attack hit by keeping platform and shoulders away from body with weight forward, briefly hold finish.

While coaches will want to vary tempo, power, and location depending on digger's ability, coaches should be mindful of achieving a certain standard and should push players to the edge of their technical and physical capabilities.  Variation should be used, but settling is not desired.

Progression - as players improve physically and technically, coaches should increase power, tempo, and mix locations (higher and lower, lateral, etc.).

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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