Volleyball Drill Demonstration


  1. Feet: V (right pole) or L (sideline) shape
  2. Hip: Transfer weight from back hip to front hip
  3. Chest: 45 or 90 degrees relative to net
    1. Open for power and close to target
  4. Present ball to hitting shoulder
  5. Hand: Wrist straight and hand firm as possible
  6. Contact: Swing THROUGH the ball
    1. Hit equator with base of middle finger


  1. Toss
  2. Step
  3. Elbow back
  4. Freeze to target


Coaching points

Serving Power

  1. Transfer momentum
  2. Body rotation
  3. Arm speed


  1. Present Ball
  2. Front of Hitting Shoulder
  3. Elbow back
  4. Big Firm Hand

Created by Simon, Volleyball Coach, Denmark

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