Netball Drill Demonstration


WA & GA start close-ish together in the middle of the court, up to the line on outside of WD & GD.

GA leads out short on 45 degree angle whilst WA turns and heads to pocket on her side.

WD & GD on outside, come down as back up.

GA receives ball from C then passes to WA who has front cut WD and lead to GA side and hit ring.

WA passes to GS holding in front of GK.

Coaching points

WA doesn't come out over transverse line for pass.

Ball must go to GA or defender on that side (WD/GD coming down).

Passes must be quick, timing is everything.

GS best option to hold in front of GK, but can hold behind for pass over, only if WA hits ring.

Created by Louise, Netball Coach, Australia

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