Netball Drill Demonstration


Create 6 Bands & 3 Channels. Work the ball up the court, never passing more than twice in same channel or passing over a channel or a band.

Coaching points

Looking for clear drives and angled runs - starting away from the area they want to receive the ball in. Moving in relation to passers position.

Accurate high feed so the worker can turn in the air.

Too hard - try it stationary and build up movement, perhaps alternate 1 still and 1 moving?

Too easy/Progression - add in defenders.

Passing in relation to position of defender.Timing for a quick off load. What do you do if attacker is not free?

Re-inforce - This is not 'what to do in a game' but a practice to fine tune the skill being taught!

Created by Lynn, Netball Coach, England

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