Netball Drill Demonstration


Using two players, two balls, a cone, a crazy catch and a wall, this is a decision making drill  There is a consequence either way you go, either a defender  you can only walk which will slow your time down. Once you get to the crazy catch/wall you need to do 5 chest passes, 5 shoulder passes, 5 overhead passes and 5 bounces. Making these passes accurate will make your time quicker. Once you have done the passes then you need to get passed the defender (if that's the way you came) or walking (if you came that way again). Then you need to go back to the cone and then your starting point to stop  timer. Repeat this drill as much as possible so you can try to improve your time. So you can see your agility, speed ma decision making is improving  

Coaching points

Look out for the timings and see where the players are struggling to work on that particular point.  

Created by Jennifer, Netball Player, England

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