Netball Drill Demonstration


-In pairs, one ball per pair. Players line up facing their partner. Each pair is given a number of passes they have to complete- these are in denominations of 5 as shown.

- The aim is for each pair to complete their number of passes before the pair either side of them complete theirs. If they do, they shout “BUMP” and swap places with the pair to their left- working their way up the line. This pair then has to complete the higher number of passes e.g. 15. The pair who have been shifted down have to complete the lower amount of passes e.g. 10. When player swap positions they start their count from 0.

-The idea is to be the far left pair (in this case the pair completing 25 passes).

Coaching points

This practice encourages players to release the ball quickly and pass accurately under pressure.


-Ensure players are not leaning into the pass!


-Put a time limit on the practice to make it more competitive.


-Vary the type of pass and which side of the body players use to ensure they are proficient at all passes.

Created by Emma, Netball Coach, England

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