Basketball Drill Demonstration


  1. Setup with two lines at the green and blue cones and one player starting by centre circle.
  2. Player from blue line leads to ball, receives pass and dribbles to top of 3 pt line.
  3. Passer runs behind and gets ball back for layup
  4. After layup the player immediately defends the player at the front of the green line.
  5. The passer from the top of the 3pt line rebounds the ball and makes an outlet player to the green line. (If the ball goes in they must step out of bounds). After the outlet pass they join the green line.
  6. The other two players play one on one the the centre line. the offensive player should try to get to the centre circle and then pass to the blue line and run around for a layup.
  7. The defender then joins the blue line.

Coaching points

Works best with one ball and 4-6 players. Can be done with two balls and 6-8 players.

Created by CoachD, Basketball Coach, Australia

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