Basketball Drill Demonstration


(Play to the Left side of the Court shown, used when there is no full court press)

Ball Handler calls out a Letter and holds up his Palm while bringing the ball up in HIS OWN HALF and when TEAMMATES HAVE GOTTEN DOWN THE FLOOR

Ball Handler moves his defender to the Right with the dribble, performs low & fast cross over to gain advantage moving to his Left.

Left Wing times his V-Cut to gain separation and to receive the pass from Ball Handler on the move.

Ball Handler continues his cut moving to set an away off ball screen at the Right Wing.

Right Wing waits for screen to be set, then cuts hard into the key looking for the pass.

Once ball is in the Key the player has the following options:

1. Go in for the lay up (no or bad help D from low post defenders)

2. Dish to the Low Corners (if help D arrives to prevent layup)

3. Dish to elbow (Right side) where the player who set the screen rolls for the safety valve pass or to provide support for rebounding

4. Pass ball back to Left Wing, who has moved into position at the top to prevent fast break and to provide active help as a safety valve

Coaching points

Players must get down the floor and stay in the ready position when in their spots (look active!)

Ball handler must call the play early and move with a purpose to force the defender to go one way or the other (if he lets you go you just go into the key, if not, play is initiated)

Low Corners are patient to wait for the dish pass or to gain position for a rebound on either side of the basket on the blocks.

Created by Vava, Basketball Coach, Canada

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