Basketball Drill Demonstration


  • Red player (defender) lines up at the middle cone in defensive stance
  • Blue player (or coach) stand baseline out of bounds with a ball
  • Blue ball fakes left or right of Red
  • Red defensive slides in that direction, back to the middle cone, then in the opposite direction
  • Blue throws any type of pass (left or right) so Red intercepts and then drives in for a layup

Coaching points

  • This is to simulate a full court press or trap so maintaining good defensive position is vital
  • The Blue player should use good ball fakes to move the defender and also throw challenging passes
  • The Red player should attack the basket aggresively using only 1 dribble
  • Use different finishes to add variety
  • Avoid running this for long periods of time (20 seconds) so it maintains the agility aspect and not fitness


Created by Jason, Basketball Coach, New Zealand

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