Basketball Drill Demonstration


Students will be lined up outside of the GYM. They will all be blind folded (fear of not knowing) except for 1 leader. They will be given instructions while they are getting blind folded.

The Leader will lead and explain to their team mates what they will be doing in each station. 

First the students will be going in through a tunnel were they will be facing the fear of spiders.

The students will go to the next station were they will do high knees for 15 seconds to avoid getting bit by snakes.

Then the students will be going over the bridge of HOPE, that goes over the waters of peer pressure.

Next the students will jump over Zombies that are trying to pull them down to drugs, alcohol, and dropping out of school. (15 seconds)

They will then go into the tunnel of past ghost where they will be facing their past mistakes and challenges.

Then they will do wall squats to face thier fear of falling on 'GLASS' (bad, drugs, peer pressure...)

Next they will go into the "Wheels of the FUTURE". The students will be facing the fear of not knowing what the future holds for them. 


FINALLY the students will be facing thier BIGGEST fear, Themselves! Each student will be given a mirror, when they get their mirror, Silva will explain their biggest fear. Then they will take their blindfolds off so they can see thier biggest fear is in the MIRROR.

Created by Yvonne, Basketball Teacher, United States of America

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