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Benefits of using Sportplan Planner - Plus It's FREE!
Simply choose a template, and start writing

Choose from a selection of professional templates, recommended by top teachers and sports governing bodies.

Simply click and write - no software needed!

The unique web based programme allows you to simply click in a content area and start typing, it's that easy. Plus, your work is auto-saved every 2 minutes and stored securely online, for you to access instantly from any computer.

Print or Export to PDF

Print your plans or use the Export to PDF feature to save plans offline.

More Top Features

  • Share interactive plans with colleagues using the My Team tools
  • Slideshow feature allows you to display plans on an interactive whiteboard
  • Publish to Web - lets you publish plans for teams or squads to view online.
  • Shared Folders give you the power to share with large groups whilst keeping control of your documents.
  •     Easily add sketches, drills and videos

    Powerful tools help you bring your session to life:

    sketch your own
    drills and diagrams

    search the internet
    for videos and drills

    browse folders of
    animated and video drills

        Sports available:

    Football (Soccer), Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket.

    Launching very soon:
    Handball, Gymnastics, Rounders, Volleyball

    Request a sport:
    Tell us a sport we should add next contact

    Can I have my Templates added?
    If your are from a sports or educational organisation and you would like to see your templates available to coaches and teachers, please contact