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can you cause injury when practicing butterfly?

can you cause injury asking swimmers to practice butterfly leg action on their backs with a woggle around them?

Hi Susan,

By only using a woggle (small and flexibile float) I think you'll be ok and won't injure your swimmer's back, however, I think it might be better for them to practice this technique on their side or their front (with a float in front).

I've attached some Butterfly Tips I found using the drills search bar (top right).

Hope this helps,

Video / Animation
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Description: To improve your Butterfly, practice the dolphin leg kick with or without a float on your front or back, keep your feet together and start to drive the legs from your hips. Take a breath after every second leg kick to help create good timing. (If a float is selected use a small flexible float so not to place stress on the lower back).