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Teaching fly to a junior swimmer?

My son is 8 years old and is okay at all strokes apart from fly. His lessons have taken so far and his teachers do not teach fly. I'm currently looking for a Club for him at the moment, but in the mean time how can I help him learn fly. I'm a former swim teacher but have not practiced in over 10 years - are there any resources I should look into that might help me to teach fly?

Start off with a basic drill, so something like fly leg kick on your side with something like a woddle to keep him afloat. Then progress with the float on one arm and use the other one to practise what the stroke should look like. Once you have mastared this on both arms use the float to try and slowly put these drills together. Once again when the swimmers confidence has been built up put the two drills together offering the swimmer little support by holding the belly up so they know they will be able to breath whenever they find necessary. When they get good let them do the same thing but without your support.

Whent the swimmer has the basic stroke use different drills to make it better so that the swimmers stroke becomes more efficient and the swimmer builder up muscle to carry themslefs along the water.

Hope this helps