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What are the key teaching points when teaching javelin,?

What are the key teaching points when teaching javelin, shot put, long and triple jump. Can anyone help

Safety is paramount.  Make sure all equipment used is in a safe working condition and is not above the athletes "Age Weighting". Check long/triple jump runway is clear and safe to use, check sandpit for debris,(glass, stones Etc). Advise athletes of safety rules when throwing Javelin,  E.G%3A do not throw if there is someone in your line of throw, never throw your javelin back towards the runway, never run to get your javelin, (show athletes posabilities of what could happen if they were to trip and land onto or run into javelin that is sticking out of the ground) it could pierce the eye, throat chest groin. 


Hope this has been of some use.!

the key teaching points about all the events that are listed above isn't in the safty paramounts but it the moment most important in the transation of these tecnics is the power position in the javalin and shot putt and the take off in the long and triple jumpe this is because the athlete at this moment transform velocity linea in to the implement or high and distances need to jump forther.

the teach of all these events begin here because with out the ability to transform the energy the athlete would be at an disadvatage when in come to competiting.

in most countries like cuba, usa, russa etc. most of the athetes ablitiies depends on this mean whille in the less expiriance countries they knowlege of the development and porductivity is limated because of there knowledge of the event and how to develop it.

i really hope that this imfromation is very useful to you and be affrad to ask any more.

Teach basic techniques to start. Learn your athletes strength's and weeknesses.(watch how they do things and adjust)  Don't overload the brain with information straight off..  You might find looking through this site will help on all 4 disciplines.  ( 

What are the key teaching points when teaching javelin,?


What are the key teaching points when teaching javelin, shot put, long and triple jump. Can anyone help


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