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Football Passing and Receiving Drill: The Triangle Progression



    Set up a triangle about 10 metres apart, with one ball between 3.

    Number your players 1-3 and ensure the player stood on the apex of the triangle is player 1.

    The player at the apex of the triangle receives the ball from the right and passes it to the left and vice versa, using both feet.

Coaching Points

    After 10 repetitions, change the player.

    Ensure that the non kicking foot is pointed at the target.
    The receiving player should take the ball on the foot opposite the direction from which the pass is received (this is called opening up the field of play).


    Increase the distance between cones

    Use certain number of touches ie. 1 or 2 touch.

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The Triangle ProgressionPassing and ReceivingFootball Drills Coaching

Football Passing and Receiving Drills

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