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Rugby Backs Moves Drill: STATIC 3



    1. See the diagram for suggested starting positions.
    2. 10, 12, 13, will be starting very flat with minimal movement.
    3. 11 will provide a decoy or cancel option.
    4. 15 will hit in and up on 13's outside shoulder.
    5. 14 will provide support to 15, cutting in and then up.
    6. 10 passes to 12.
    7. 12 passes to 13.
    8. 15 takes an outside pop at speed.

Coaching Points

    • Be aware that timing is everything, don't be afraid to delay passes and encourage the defence to blitz.
    • Think about what could happen if the move needs to be cancelled, what will happen following the move if we pass the gain line and if we are stopped at the gain line.
    • Run this unopposed, before adding pressure.
    • Run this move with pressure as the team gets better.
    • Execute as close to the defensive line as possible.
    • Think about where you will use with move on the pitch.
    • Think about using cones to mark out starting and target points.
    • Allow players to cancel, but if they do cancel, what are their options?
    • Players heads need to be up, a move should be a fluid attacking strategy.
    • Think about player foot-speed, do the players need to be running flat out all the time?
    • Timing is everything, there is no point in exhausting the move too early.
    • The pass between 13 and 15 needs to be just as the defence is pressing down on 13.
    • 15 can press up just behind the 13, changing direction at the last moment.

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STATIC 3Backs MovesRugby Drills Coaching

Rugby Backs Moves Drills

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