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Do you find it a challenge to keep your players interested in training?

Are your training sessions fun and full of the latest skills & drills?

Do you have the time & the tools to plan your training sessions?

Having properly planned training sessions with the latest drills & skills will give you more confidence as coach & your players will respond to it - enjoyment levels & results will quickly improve!

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Rounders Drills Library

Rounders Drills Library

Sportplan Rounders gives you access to the latest coaching ideas, practices and tactics. All demonstrated with animation or video. You will never be short of ideas again.

  • Browse 100's of Drills and Techniques
  • Rate drills you like, and collect them in your favourites to find them later
  • Add drills to your clipboard, to collect them ready for a coaching session
  • See video or login to Try it today and start to transform your coaching sessions.

    Rounders Chalkboard

    Sketch your own drills

    Sportplan's powerful online chalkboard allows you to sketch your own drills and plays. Easily sketch plays and share them with team and colleagues

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    Rounders Session Planner

    Session Planner

    Sportplan's powerful session planner makes planning training easy and fun! Simply click and type, insert sketches or search the drill library to insert diagrams. Create professional looking plans in minutes!

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    Rounders Expert Answers

    Your Questions Answered

    Each Sport has it's own Q & Section called Answers. Put your questions to our resident experts and community of coaches and get the answers you need to any coaching question. Coaches will often attached drills or whole lesson plans to the answers, as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

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    Rounders Lesson Plans

    Tried & Tested Sessions Plans

    Each week our resident coaches share what they are currently coaching with our members. You can use and/or copy and adapt these sessions for your teams.

    View & Watch | Download & Print | Present on Whiteboard | Mobile Friendly

    Looking to coach a particular topic, older sessions are available to purchase through our session shop. Full members get a 30% discount.

    Share Drills

    Share Everything

    Share plans and session plans by email,

    Publish a playbook of plays/moves for your team to study!

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    All easily readable on your smart phone

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    Recent Sessions of the Week


    Understanding The Game Of Rounders (through play)

    Rounders Lesson Plan: Understanding The Game Of Rounders (through play)

    Your players have worked hard through Spring and Summer. Now let them have some fun with some this fun small sided rounders games session

    Rounders Rounders

    Bowling/Post Play - Fielding Focus Session

    Rounders Lesson Plan: Bowling/Post Play - Fielding Focus Session

    There's more to rounders than just batting. Get your players enthused about bowling and fielding around the posts in this action packed session

    Rounders Rounders

    Focus On Specialist Fielding Positions - Back Stop

    Rounders Lesson Plan: Focus On Specialist Fielding Positions - Back Stop

    Improve your players' catching reactions with these quick paced drills - working on taking the catch cleanly and throwing accurately to the posts (perfect for back stops)

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    As someone who is new to coaching this site was just what I needed, drills that I can study on the pc and then take with confidence to my training sessions.
    Phil Harvey, United Kingdom

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