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Through Vault (Progression), Key 3 Through Vault Gymnastics



  • From a short run and hurdle step on to a spring board the gymnast dives forward to place hands, a shoulder width apart, on to a four section box.
  • Keeping legs extended and the hips high the feet are brought inside of hands in a tuck position.
  • The gymnast lands on the box top
  • The support, standing to the side, places hands on to the shoulder stopping forward rotation.
  • The gymnast tuck jumps off the box top.
  • Gymnast lands on the floor with flexed knees and hips.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage good flight on.
  • Develop a high tuck jump.
  • Head and eyes must be looking up.
  • Support to give reassurence.

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Through Vault (Progression)Key 3 Through VaultGymnastics Drills Coaching

Key 3 Through Vault

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