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Football Crossing and Finishing Drill: Crossing and Finishing



    The crossing player starts with the ball on the half-way line before coming forward and playing one-two's with the players in the cones, while continuing their run forward down the wing.

    After recieving the second pass, the crosser will now cross into the box, where two attackers will try to beat two defenders and a goalkeeper to the ball and score.

    The attackers start in the coned area outside the penalty area and sprint into the box once the crosser has received their second pass.

Coaching Points

    Look for quick passes between players, drill should be done at match pace.

    Crosses should be of a good quality and look for the ball to be put in first time, and for good communication between attackers and crosser, to get across where the ball will be going or where the attackers want the cross to go.

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Crossing and FinishingCrossing and FinishingFootball Drills Coaching

Football Crossing and Finishing Drills

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