Saving Runs in the field
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This week's session encourages your fielding players to work extra hard, anticipating the shot, chasing down daisy cutters and sliding (where necessary), all in the name of saving runs!

They say catches win matches but lately there's been a growing tendency to focus more on fielding, especially with the growing popularity of one day internationals and T20 cricket. International teams have recognised that saving runs is just as important as scoring them with the bat - the more runs you save you fewer you have to make!

To make sure your players attack the ball and don't waste a second when fielding this session gets your players running hard - fielding as individuals to begin with and then later in the session working as a team to get the ball back to your keeper as quickly as possible!

So what are you waiting for? Improve your players' fielding technique and confidence with this week's Sportplan session!

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