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Working Your Wicket Keeper Session Thumbnail
Working Your Wicket Keeper

The wicket keeper is the busiest player on your fielding team - make sure they're up to the test with this keeping skills session!

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Divide the main group into smaller groups of 4 and set up as shown. The ball is thrown to the wicket keepers (person in the middle) right or left for them to dive onto the mats. The two players behind the mats are back-up fielders.

Coaching points

Stance: Slightly crouched and weight to the off side of the batter.

Weight: On the balls of feet and slightly forward.

Head and body should be behind the ball when making the catch.

Ensure the keeper's outside foot opens slightly when wanting to push off in a particular direction. This allows their hips to open, and makes the sideways movement easier.

Drill tags: catch, dive catching, diving, reactions, safe catching, wicket keeper

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